• 29 Mar

    Candy Floss! Just the word conjures up memories of fairgrounds, jingly music and a special sugary treat on a stick that just melted in your mouth! Lickleys Electric Candy Floss makers are a great way to bring that nostalgia straight into your home. Not only that, but if you use our amazing Candy Floss Flavoured ...
  • 28 Mar

    HERE COMES SUMMER!   Here at Lickleys we welcome the Summer Months with open arms, plus it gives us a chance to give you brand new flavours! If you want a sumptuous treat check out our amazing new alcohol free cocktail flavours! Who can resist the distinct taste of an ice cold gin in the ...

Launched in 2013, Lickleys has grown into a revolutionary company. Innovating in the world of slush syrups, candy floss sugars, beverage & baking enhancements and appliances to bring treats conveniently into your home.

Lickleys Candy Floss Machine

We aim to bring amazing seaside and fairground delights, like Slush Puppie style iced drinks and candy floss, straight into your kitchen. Our delicious syrup concentrates & our colourful candy floss sugars will transform your sweet treats into a trip down memory lane!

Lickleys Concentrated Colours

We also offer concentrated flavourings & colourings to bring exciting new flavours to your home-made treats!

Lickleys doesn’t just cater for the home market; we offer great B2B and Trade deals too! Contact us using the details on the ‘Contact’ page to find out more.


We are proud to be a British company!

All of our edible products are produced “in-house” in the UK (Swansea, to be exact!).

Our appliances & accessories are also supplied from our Swansea-based warehouse.

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