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Lickleys Products:
Troubleshooting & Guidance Instructions

Slush machine Ice Shaver

Slush/Snow cone machine

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The ice isn’t shaving or not shaving well. 
    • Turn off and redistribute ice in chamber.
    • Ensure lid is completely locked into the locking mechanism switch
    • Is the machine plugged in?
    • Is the shaft locked in position?

The mixing paddle is not turning. 
  • Make sure the jug has been turned clockwise to lock the paddle into the machine.

The machine seems to be leaking. 
  • Unshaven ice may melt and drip onto the base, giving the appearance of leakage.
    Wipe the base with a soft dry cloth.

What to I do if:
The ice appears to be “dry” and not like a slushy I have had from other retailers?

The shaved ice is just the starting point for the slushy.
If you add a diluted mixture of appropriate concentrate, fruit juice or soft drink you will reach a slushy drink consistency.
You can also enjoy the treat as it is, with syrup or juice added on top.

I need to cater for large parties or events?

Our ice machines are not suitable for commercial or heavy usage. The capacity of the bowl is 1 (one) Litre.
Continual or heavy usage could cause damage to the motor and impair the usability of the machine.

Can I:
Pre-freeze the syrup to use with the machine?

Yes, one of the best ways we have found to make slushies is to pre-freeze the diluted syrup (5/6 parts water with 1 part syrup) in either ice cube trays, or appropriate tupperware containers. Once frozen it is simply a case of feeding this ice through the machine (if tupperware is used, please break the ice into smaller pieces) and top up the ice with a diluted mixture of the same flavour syrup, around 1/3 of the volume (e.g. if you make 1 litre of ice, add 333ml to diluted syrup), to get the best results.

use other frozen liquids in the machine?
Yes, we can say that ciders, fruit juices, frozen cocktails and carbonated soft drinks work well. Simply freeze into cubes or tupperware containers as above.
Please exercise caution when freezing carbonated liquids.

use store-bought ice in the machine?
Store bought ice is much harder than ice frozen at home and as such may not shave as expected.
Whilst you can use shop bought ice or party bags, it is better to use ice cube trays or other method of freezing ice at home.

six packs and snow cone kitsSlush Syrups and Concentrates

Common Questions:
What is the dilution ratio?

We recommend that our syrups are all diluted 5 parts water to 1 part syrup; however this can be adjusted to personal tastes.

Can this syrup be used in all types of machines?

Yes, there are no problems with using this syrup with other makes/models of machine.

Can this syrup be used as a snow cone syrup?

Yes, simply pour the syrup over crushed/shaved ice to taste.

Can this be used as a base for other drinks?

We have used this syrup in iced tea, frappes, frozen yogurt and we are sure it can be used in other food and drink applications.

Are your syrups nut and allergen free?

Our syrups are free from all common allergens, and are prepared in an allergen-free area.

Candy Floss Sugar

Flavoured Sugars for Candy Floss or Confectionary.

Can this sugar be used in all candy floss machines?

Yes, there are no problems with using this sugar with other makes/models of machine.

How much sugar is usually added to a machine?

Please follow all guides for your individual machine.

How much sugar is in a typical pack?

There is approximately 100g in each packet of sugar.

Are your sugars nut and allergen free?

Our sugars are free from all common allergens, and are prepared in an allergen-free area.

Can your sugar be used in other beverages or food applications?

Yes, we have seen the flavoured sugars used in cake baking, biscuits, tarts and crumbles, and even used as beverage sweeteners.

Slush Maker Pouches

Can I use the pouches for other food/drinks?

Yes, you can use these to freeze cocktails, yoghurt, cream drinks, milks and soft drinks.
Please exercise caution when freezing carbonated drinks.

Are there instructions with the pouches?

All instructions are printed on the packaging and appropriate fill levels are indicated.
We also recommend squeezing well after freezing.

Can I re-use the pouches?

Yes, they are designed to last more than one slush drink/use.

Are the pouches safe for use in dishwashers?

Due to the type of packaging/product this is, it is not suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.
To get the best life out of your pouches, please wash them by hand.

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