Lickleys Slush & Snow Cone Kit




Lickleys Slush & Snow Cone Kit

Lickleys Slush Syrups are now available in a great value kit! 6 x 330ml bottles of our delicious Lickleys slush syrup, as well as 50 snow-cone cups and 200 spoon straws!

Lickleys syrups are available in two selections:


  • Blue Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon & Lime
  • Orange
  • Pink Bubblegum
  • Pear Drop

Cocktails (contains no alcohol)

  • Margarita
  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Pina Colada
  • Sour Cherry
  • Sour Apple
  • Sex on the beach

Using Lickleys Slush syrups, you can make your own Slush Puppie style drink at home, or simply pour the Lickleys flavoured slush syrup over crushed ice to make a delicious snow cone.
You can also use our syrups to make delicious ice lollies, drink them as cordial or squash drinks, or even use them for mixers in adult cocktails!
330ml of concentrated flavoured slush syrup will make approximately 2 litres of iced slush.

The only limit is your imagination!


  • For snow cones and shaved ice, simply pour syrup over the ice to taste.
  • In a slush machine, dilute 1 part syrup to 5 parts water and follow instructions for your make and model of machine.
  • If you are using a Lickleys Signature slush machine, pre-freeze the diluted syrup in ice cubes, shave the ice as usual and then add approximately one third more diluted syrup (per volume of ice) into the machine.
  • For ice lollies, dilute as above and use with an ice-lolly mould.
  • With slush cups, dilute as above and follow cup instructions.
  • For all other uses, dilute to taste.

Lickleys are proud to be a British company, and all of our Lickleys Slush Syrup Concentrates are made in-house in the UK.
Lickleys Slush Syrup Concentrates are able to be used with:

  • any brand of home slush maker
  • Slush Puppie machines
  • Chill Factor Drinks Cups
  • Slushy Magic cups
  • Magic Slush Cups
  • in ice lolly moulds

Looking for the larger bottles? Why not try our great value twin-pack! You can add choose from a variety of fabulous Lickleys syrups of your choice!

Our syrups are also available for purchase from AmazoneBay and OnBuy.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Pack Flavours

Classic, Classic Cocktail, Gummy Bear, Easter Rabbit, Acme Bomb, Spell Potion

15 reviews for Lickleys Slush & Snow Cone Kit

  1. nicholette

    Five Stars
    Very good flavours

  2. alison murray

    Five Stars
    Excellent my daughter loves the taste just like a slush u would buy from outside

  3. carol strike

    Five Stars
    Very good children loved it

  4. Anonymous

    Great value for money.
    Great flavours, only need to use a few drops of the syrup so found them to be good value.

  5. Peter A.

    Three Stars
    Paper cones were not any good too small and flimsy when ice in them. X


    Four Stars
    Grandaughter loves it

  7. Sharon McInerney

    Four Stars
    Happy with product children loved the flavors

  8. Smart2011

    Five Stars

  9. LBR

    These juices are great; makes a very passable slush puppy

  10. Ashley

    My childhood memories came flooding back, I placed my order late Thursday and I was making snow cones by 12:00 HRS the next day. The flavours taste great and whilst there are some opinions in the reviews about value for money I would say the kit is a little expensive! However that said having a look around on the net comparing prices as well as alternatives syrups, unfortunately good quality syrups are expensive thou this kit is very good for trying the six flavours and thereafter purchase bigger sizes which appear to be priced reasonable! Unfortunately for me I like all six flavours and I would buy the kit again thou I would like to purchase the six syrups alone without the straws and cups thou I don’t think that would allow the manufacturer to make the kit that much cheaper. In summary I would buy the kit again thou I will be looking for better prices. Enjoy your slush.

  11. p.bon

    Three Stars
    It works out cheaper if you buy everything on here separately.

  12. brenda

    Five Stars
    kids love it thankyou

  13. kelly

    Five Stars
    Good item

  14. Neil Gibson

    great present for the children
    great present for the children

  15. katie gallagher

    Great snow cone starter kit
    Sooo many straws! The flavours are good and they seem to go a long way flavouring the snow cones. The cups are pretty small, but this isn’t a bad thing as it keeps the amount of slush needed to a smaller portion.

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