Red Strawberry Flavour Slush Syrup Concentrate




Red Strawberry flavour concentrated slush syrup


A tried and tested Lickleys favourite from our wide range of refreshing fruit-flavoured slush drink syrups!


Using Lickleys Red Strawberry syrup, you can make your own Slush Puppie style drink at home, or simply pour the Red Strawberry flavour syrup over crushed ice to make a delicious snow cone.
You can also use our syrups to make delicious ice lollies, drink them as cordial or squash drinks, or even use them for mixers in adult cocktails!


500ml of concentrated Red Strawberry slush syrup will make approximately 3 litres of iced slush.


The only limit is your imagination!



– For snow cones and shaved ice, simply pour syrup over the ice to taste.
– In a slush machine, dilute 1 part syrup to 5 parts water and follow instructions for your make and model of machine.
– If you are using a Lickleys Signature slush machine, pre-freeze the diluted syrup in ice cubes, shave the ice as usual and then add approximately one third more diluted syrup (per volume of ice) into the machine.
– For ice lollies, dilute as above and use with an ice-lolly mould.
– With slush cups, dilute as above and follow cup instructions.
– For all other uses, dilute to taste.


Lickleys are proud to be a British company, and all of our Lickleys Slush Syrup Concentrates are made in-house in the UK.


Lickleys Slush Syrup Concentrates are able to be used with:
– any brand of home slush maker
– Slush Puppie machines
– Chill Factor Drinks Cups
– Slushy Magic cups
– Magic Slush Cups
– in ice lolly moulds


Want some variety with your syrup? Why not try our great value multi-pack! You can add Red Strawberry as well as 5 other fabulous Lickleys syrups of your choice!


Our syrups are also available for purchase from AmazoneBay and OnBuy.

Additional information

Weight 0.488 kg
Bottle Size

250ml Pouch, 330ml Bottle, 500ml Bottle, 2.5L Canister, 5L Canister

17 reviews for Red Strawberry Flavour Slush Syrup Concentrate

  1. Creative Butterfly

    Great if you want to make your own Slushi
    I crushed my ice, poured on the Slush Syrup and was pleasantly awarded with a lovely sweet tasting Slush. I would recommend this product and the supplier who was very prompt. Wanted to try it out before purchasing other flavours. It was just what I was expecting so going to purchase the Blueberry next.

  2. Wyk

    Slush puppy syrup
    Drink tastes like the slush puppy machine ones -my daughter likes it but its very pricey for the quantity that you get. One bottle doesn’t last long- not good value for money.

  3. lizmadmamma

    little goes long way perfect for slushes kids love them did add a little bit of water to make it last longer

  4. moira wilson

    this was bought for my grandson who is 7 years of age, he is a big fan of slushy drinks.

  5. Lolls

    Just like the shop version
    Bought this as part of a Christmas present for my 10 year old and she loved it. It’s sweet but if you dilute it enough and not gorge on it then it’s ok. Tastes just like the slushies from the shops.

  6. kerry

    Five Stars
    It was very nice

  7. C. Mayhew

    Wasn’t Chilly Drinks?
    Didn’t like this at all, Horrible taste and the one I was sent didn’t seem to have the Chilly Drinks logo on it so if it was actually Chilly drinks or not who knows.

  8. colin james


  9. Miss K. Rolle

    Five Stars
    Tastes great and you don’t need to use much at a time so lasts well

  10. DjT

    tastes just like the real thing
    Quality Syrup, tastes just like the real thing.

  11. daniel.mclean

    Two Stars
    small bottle wont last long

  12. Louise A Brown

    Four Stars
    Kids loved it.

  13. Helen

    Five Stars
    Needs more instructions my daughter nearly poured half the bottle in

  14. Pob3008

    Four Stars

  15. artsax

    Five Stars
    great present

  16. Dawn McCallie

    Five Stars
    Goes great with the slushy maker

  17. Chris D.

    My favourite Lickley taste
    This is my favourite taste for Lickley’s. I absolutely love it. Also, the texture from Lickley’s slush syrop is really perfect, you get slushies with a very fine texture, and when you put it in your mouth, it melts on your tongue so softly. You do not have bigger parts in your slushie, it’s all very miscroscopical pieces which gives a very lovely feeling on your tongue. I find the texture of the slushies you get from Lickley’s syrup the best slushies i have tasted so far in my life. Your slushies have a velvety texture to it, that make it smooth and make it melt evenly on ypur tongue. It’s just delicious if you ask me, i can never get enough of it !

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